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Kinby Play Doll:  Nate2
Kinby Play Doll:  Nate2
Kinby Play Doll:  Nate2
Kinby Play Doll:  Nate2

Kinby Play Doll: Nate2

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Looking for a realistic play babydoll? The baby doll sculpts below were created from 3D scans of real babies!  These are Kinby dolls by the company Bountiful Baby. 

Last year, they unfortunately closed the Kinby line which means these are the first and last assembled Kinby dolls I will be offering. 

**The remainder of the supplies will be used in a local workshop for kids.

These are not Pumpkin Doodle Babies, these are Kinby dolls. Like the Realborn range of reborn kits, they are made from the scans of real babies.

These dolls have come to me in pre-painted parts which has been assemble with a cloth body and fill/add weight to them, I have also added a magnet for a pacifier on most and a bottle with faux milk. 

As they are factory painted, they are more durable and cheaper than hand painted babies.

$125 including assembly, weight added,  pacifier, 1 onesie, 1 blanket, 1 pair socks,  1 bottle with faux milk,  

The doll may have a different onesie than pictured.