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FIghting Illegal Copies

-Reborn dolls are hyper realistic hand sculpted and hand painted vinyl and silicone dolls. These dolls have had many countless hours into making them. They are pure works of art, just like the “Mona Lisa”, “The Starry Night” or any other famous piece of art it’s just that these dolls are the canvas themselves.
The word “reborns” has been becoming more and more overused for regular baby dolls… the thing is, is that they aren’t true reborns. Almost all of the dolls you see online from Amazon, Wish, or AliExpress branded as “reborn dolls” are stolen and illegal copies of true famous reborn sculpts. Sculptors and Artists have their photos and work stolen every single day and the tough thing is, is that these knockoff dolls are made from cheap stolen molds with cheap materials.   Another big thing in this community is all the scamming… almost all of the time the doll you click on from and ad is never the doll you receive. I’ve attached a few pictures of real reborn dolls and then what their stolen doppelgänger looks like, how to spot a scam and a few other pictures.