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The Pumpkin Doodle Baby Custom Experience

There is something magical about adding a custom made reborn toddler or baby to your doll collection. Here at Pumpkin Doodle Babies, Inc. we specialize in those magical moments. Today, we’ll be talking about what goes into creating that magic, when you order a custom made reborn from us!

With a custom order from Pumpkin Doodle Babies, Inc. you’re able to choose your doll’s sculpt, gender, skintone, eye color, hair color and texture to make it uniquely yours. No two dolls are completely the same (although, we try with twins!) In allowing customers to choose these details, your dream reborn doll comes true. By utilizing our Custom Reborn form, we’re able to keep note of your requests and you can see what options are available.

There is a wide selection of baby, toddler and child-size doll sculpts available on the website, but you are free to choose whichever sculpt you like. You can check out the following authentic sculpt vendors below:


Macphersons Crafts


Bountiful Baby

Once a sculpt has been chosen, you’ll be given the option to choose skintone, hair texture/color/length, and eye color options for open-eyed dolls:


At Pumpkin Doodle Babies, Inc. we believe that every doll enthusiast should have the option to choose a doll in their image. We do not charge extra for darker skintones or textured hair, but please know these features may lengthen the production time. PDB custom orders typically take 7-10 weeks to complete, but you can assure a beautiful life-like creation just for you! Several photos are provided at the end of completion, prior to shipping.

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